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2020 China (Shanghai) International Casting Exhibition
Release time:2019-08-10 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery

2020 China (Shanghai) International Casting Exhibition

Time: May 25-27, 2020 Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

[Exhibition Introduction]

With the rapid development of modern society, the casting industry has gradually penetrated into the daily lives of the public. As a pillar industry of the domestic economy, in recent years, thanks to the continuous development of large user industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and building materials in the domestic casting industry, the equipment trading market in China's casting industry has shown a prosperous scene, showing an upward trend every year.

Affected by national policies and the expansion of domestic industrial chains, the development momentum of domestic industries such as automobiles and home appliances is very rapid. Not only has the production volume increased, but the technology in high-end products is also becoming more and more mature, gradually moving towards the forefront of the world! So, these industries have a very large demand for casting in the industrial chain formed by high and low-end products.

However, with the development of society, various industries have increasingly high requirements for products and components in the process of moving towards high-end. Therefore, the casting industry should also follow the trend of development, enhance its own strength, turn pressure into power, and gradually evolve into a high-end casting industry!

In China, most parts in the automotive manufacturing industry require molds from the casting industry, and plastic products also require molds. With the development of industrial technology in our country, the casting industry has gradually evolved into a pillar industry, and domestic demand has also generated a huge driving force for the casting industry! Stimulating the development of most foundry manufacturers, such as Dongguan Kuntai's patented product "Activity Box", greatly reduces production efficiency, saves costs and time, and is worthy of promotion!

Industry experts say that these domestic demands are driving the development of China's casting industry. Although the domestic casting industry still faces difficulties and challenges in developing to higher places, the development prospects of the industry are still very promising. Industry manufacturers should continuously develop and enrich themselves, explore high-end products, and contribute to the development of the casting industry.

Organizational structure

Guidance units: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

Inviting units: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Hardware Products Association, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, China Society of Mechanical Engineering, China Medical Device Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation

Organizer: Organizing Committee of 2020 Shanghai Foundry Exhibition

[Exhibition Scope]

Casting: Castings used in industries such as automobiles, machine tools, ships, engineering machinery, rail transit, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, general machinery, power, electronic communication, petrochemicals, building hardware, pipeline pumps and valves, municipal engineering, as well as various casting process products such as precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, low-pressure casting, etc.

Casting equipment: various types of melting furnaces, automatic pouring machines, molding lines, core making centers, sand mixing machines, sand treatment equipment, sand regeneration equipment, shot blasting cleaning equipment, die-casting machines, low-pressure casting machines, precision casting equipment, solid casting equipment, various robots, rapid prototyping equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, cleaning and environmental protection equipment, aging treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, casting molds, casting defect repair equipment, Casting deep processing equipment, etc.

Casting materials: Casting resins, coatings, cast pig iron, ferroalloys, non-ferrous metals, insulation risers, filters, casting coke, silica sand, coated sand, chromite ore sand, coal powder, inoculants, refining agents, spheroidizing agents, peristaltic agents, slag removers, silica sol, refractory materials and other casting raw and auxiliary materials.

▼ Measurement and testing equipment: Rapid chemical composition analyzer in front of the furnace (direct reading spectrometer, CE thermal analyzer, C.S analyzer), online sand performance testing instrument, coordinate measuring instrument, temperature measuring instrument, thickness measuring instrument, endoscope, hardness tester, non-destructive testing equipment (linear accelerator damage detector), mechanical performance testing machine, etc;

Exhibition fees

Booth Type Standard Booth Double Opening Booth Indoor Light Floor (Starting from 36 ㎡) Overseas Enterprises

Exhibition fee of ¥ 13800/9 ㎡ ¥ 14800/9 ㎡ ¥ 1400/㎡ $4000/9 ㎡

Note 1: Basic equipment for standard booths: (length 3 meters x width 3 meters x height 2.5 meters), three sided fence (white), company Chinese and English lintel, one power socket (less than 500W), two fluorescent lamps, one consultation desk, two folding chairs, carpet, trash bin, etc.

Note 2: The vacant booth does not come with any facilities and is designed and decorated by the exhibitor themselves or commissioned for design and decoration.

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