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Fun: Industrial robots will become the main force in the casting industry
Release time:2019-08-20 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery

Foundry industryIt is a labor-intensive industry, mainly dominated by manpower. As various manufacturing industries begin to use industrial robots for operations, the casting industry will also apply industrial robots.

During production, industrial robots can grab casting molds, which are then dipped in slurry, sandblasted, heated, and baked. After the molds made of beeswax melt, they are poured with molten iron and cooled to form objects. The control of force is particularly important in this operation process, and it is difficult for manual labor to achieve precise control. The use of industrial robots in the casting industry not only ensures product quality, but also enables the mastery of casting processes such as gravity, low pressure, high pressure, non-ferrous or black metals, and can synchronously complete tasks such as cutting heads or cleaning flying wings. The workers were like dust during casting. Noise, corrosion in the slurry, and irritating substances can all cause harm to the human body, and industrial robots can avoid harming workers in western Zhejiang.
Industrial robots in casting production not only improve product quality and reduce waste, but also achieve long-lasting and efficient production. However, there are still many casting enterprises in China that rely on manpower for production, and industrial robots will have great development prospects in the casting industry.
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