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The Casting Method of Copper Alloy
Release time:2020-08-27 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
Copper alloys are widely used in daily life and are of great help to the electrical and transportation industries. Let's take a look at the casting process and methods of copper alloys in daily life.
The following mainly introduces several common methods:
1. Vertical semi continuous casting, also known as vertical direct water-cooled semi continuous casting, abbreviated as DC casting.
2. Horizontal continuous casting is a significant advancement in copper alloy casting technology.
3. Vacuum suction casting is a method of solidification forming in which metal is sucked into the mold cavity from bottom to top, creating a vacuum inside the mold cavity.
4. Vibration casting, which improves the surface quality of ingots, is mainly divided into vertical vibration casting, horizontal vibration casting, and natural vibration casting.
5. Pressure casting, under high pressure, rapidly fills the metal mold wall with molten metal and solidifies.
There are many other casting methods that will not be explained:
Upward continuous casting; Vertical fully continuous casting; Continuous casting and rolling; Iron mold casting; Water cooled mold casting; Vertical mold casting; Tilt mold casting; Horizontal mold casting
Create; Gap casting; Hot top casting; Hot mold casting; Electromagnetic forming casting; Soft contact manufacturing; Red ingot casting; Metal mold casting.
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