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Development of non-ferrous metal resources, forming a "full industry chain" of non-ferrous metal resource development with copper as the main component
Release time:2019-07-26 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
At present, China Nonferrous Metals Group has over 20 million tons of heavy non-ferrous metal resources both domestically and internationally. It has formed distinct development characteristics in major non-ferrous metal varieties such as copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tungsten, and tin, especially in the development of copper resources.

Wang Tongzhou stated that in terms of resource reserves, China Nonferrous Metals Group has copper resource reserves exceeding 12 million tons. The Zambia Qianbixi Copper Mine, which has been invested and developed by China overseas, is the first non-ferrous metal mine. The mine, together with the Zambia Luansha Copper Mine and Mwangbashi Copper Mine invested by the group, has significant advantages in raw ore grade and per ton copper cost compared to mines of the same scale in China. The Luansha Copper Mine in Zambia has a history of over a hundred years and is the earliest developed and largest mining, selection, and metallurgical joint enterprise in Zambia at that time. It was once listed as one of the world's three largest copper mines and is known as a museum of various crafts. In terms of geological exploration, Guilin Institute of Mineral Geology, a geological exploration enterprise that has won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, is one of the three major geological and mining institutes in China's non-ferrous industry.

In terms of mining, key technologies such as zoning and grading support technology, low-cost paste filling technology, efficient blasting technology, and a new mining method for water rich fractured ore bodies have been successfully developed. The first digital mine in Africa, the Southeast Mine of Zambia's Qianbixi Copper Mine, has been built. In terms of mineral processing, the mines under Daye Nonferrous Metals (Hubei) and Hongtoushan Mining (Liaoning) are mostly associated with copper, zinc, tin, gold, silver, molybdenum and other polymetallic copper mines. The complex and difficult to select ore processing technology has reached the international advanced level, and it has the earliest and most comprehensive mineral processing agent factory established in China - Tieling Mineral Processing Agent Company.

In terms of smelting, China Nonferrous Metals Group ranks first among the central enterprises in terms of crude copper and refined copper output, has two academicians of the CAE Member, and its smelting process technology ranks at the forefront of China. It has a pyrometallurgical plant with various furnace types, such as Isa furnace, Ausmelt furnace, and side blowing furnace. It is the first enterprise in the world's copper smelting history to use Isa furnace to produce high-grade matte. It has invested to build the first hydrometallurgical copper plant outside China Zambia Chambishi Hydrometallurgical Smelter, the first pyrometallurgical copper plant Zambia Chambishi Copper Smelter, and its subsidiary, CSIC Luansha, has the only factory in Zambia that uses cylinder mixer and distributor equipment. Africa's largest heap leaching system, the world's largest heating leaching plant, the world's advanced ultrasonic oil removal equipment and cathode stripping unit. Qianbixi Copper Smelting Company is the first copper smelting enterprise in Zambia to utilize steam waste heat for recovery and power generation. It has established Zambia's first wet process for recovering bismuth from smoke and dust, built Zambia's largest production line for electric furnace slag flotation copper concentrate, and the first production line for extracting copper cobalt alloy from converter slag, achieving efficient resource recovery and comprehensive utilization.

In terms of processing, China Nonferrous Metals Group is the only enterprise in China that has the production and sales capabilities of copper pipes, plates, and foils at the same time. The production technology of internally threaded copper pipes, coin strips, and copper foils ranks among the top three in China. Various copper alloy casting machinery such as copper sleeves, copper worm gears, and copper worm gears are used, and the comprehensive strength of copper processing is at the leading level in China. Source: Science and Technology Daily Author: Ma Aiping Dongguan Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd

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