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High value transformation of copper slag into antibacterial stainless steel
Release time:2019-07-27 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
Recently, Professor Zhang Ting'an's team from the School of Metallurgy at Northeastern University invented the "High value Utilization Technology and Equipment for Copper Smelting Slag End" and "Low cost Rapid Cleaning Magnesium Smelting Technology", which won gold and silver awards respectively at the 47th Geneva International Invention Exhibition. The above two technologies have taken the lead in proposing new ideas for slag free and high-value utilization of copper slag internationally, which have important strategic and practical significance for promoting circular economy, sustainable development, and environmental protection. They have been applied in non-ferrous metal enterprises in China.

It is reported that through high-value utilization of copper smelting slag at the end, the proportion of copper and iron is controlled, and the depleted slag is reduced by eddy current to obtain copper containing molten iron. After directly alloying the copper containing molten iron, copper containing wear-resistant cast iron or copper containing antibacterial stainless steel can be prepared. During the entire process, low melting point metal components such as zinc and lead are recovered in the flue gas. Finally, returning to the main smelting process, the tailings can be quenched and cooled slowly to directly produce cement clinker, thus achieving slag free and clean production in copper smelting.

After this new process treatment, moderate impoverishment of hot copper slag can regulate the copper content in the slag to be between 0.28% and 0.5%. Eddy current reduction technology and equipment can reduce the copper, iron, and zinc content in the reduced slag to below 0.06%, 0.2%, and 0.03%, respectively, making the utilization rates of valuable metals copper, iron, and zinc in the copper slag reach 95%, 98%, and 90%, respectively. This achieves high-value and slag free utilization of copper slag, creating huge economic and social benefits, Provide a technological prototype for clean copper smelting worldwide.
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