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The First China International Copper Industry Market and Development Summit Forum
Release time:2019-07-27 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
The first China International Copper Market and Development Summit Forum, co hosted by the International Copper Association and Jiangxi Copper Group and supported by the Shanghai Futures Exchange, will open in Shanghai on April 20th. The forum will be themed "Copper Industry for 70 Years, Casting the Chinese Dream Together", and is the first international high-end dialogue and cooperation platform that combines the entire copper industry chain, focusing on industry innovation and sustainable development.

More than 40 authoritative experts and industry leaders from both domestic and international copper fields will gather at the forum to share high-density "pure dry goods". How will China's copper industry face the tide of green development? How much impact does the trade friction between China and the United States have on the main copper application market? What is China's first copper demand prosperity index? What are the opportunities and challenges facing the important terminal markets of copper - refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, wires and cables, transformers, motors, and new energy? These key issues of industry concern will be answered one by one in the forum.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The copper industry and its upstream and downstream enterprises have achieved tremendous success in the past 70 years, making outstanding contributions to the establishment of a modern industrial system and the creation of high-quality "Made in China" brands in China. At the same time, the copper industry, which has worked hand in hand with the Republic for seventy years, has also encountered new challenges in the new era. With the accelerated adjustment of the international trade pattern, the slowdown of global economic growth, and the increasing downward pressure on the Chinese economy, the uncertainty of the macro environment has brought new challenges to the copper industry. Moreover, the continuous supply side structural reform in China also requires the copper industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading, achieve high-quality and green innovative development. In such a complex domestic and international environment, it is even more necessary to enhance mutual understanding and dialogue between the upstream and downstream of the copper industry chain, in order to promote cooperation and win-win throughout the entire industry chain, and seize the development opportunities of the next seventy years.

In this macro context, the International Copper Association and Jiangxi Copper Group cordially invite representatives from the government, industry associations, copper industry and upstream and downstream enterprises, academic research institutions, investment banks and financial institutions, and relevant media to participate in this forum. We look forward to providing a high-end international dialogue and cooperation platform to promote the formation of synergy in the copper industry, thereby supporting innovation and sustainable and healthy development of the copper industry.

In addition, in order to explore and promote the most forward-looking and innovative copper products, technologies, and business models in the copper industry chain, and to recognize individuals and groups who have performed well in promoting and developing the copper market, this summit forum will also launch the first "China International Copper Market and Development Summit Forum (ICIS) Annual Awards" collection and selection this year, and the award list will be announced and presented at the industry dinner of the forum.
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